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Difficulties with communication

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Don't you wish you could just say what is on your mind without any potential kickback? Communication is one the most misunderstood interactions we have with each other. I am no stranger. I at times forget to validate my spouse's feelings and forget to lead with I statements when expressing my feelings. How is that, if I am a therapist you ask? Because I am human, and I also make mistakes and get emotional. Some of the easiest tasks can often be some of the most difficult. Changing the way, you communicate is a game changer.

Reflections, this a technique to help you become a great listener and help you truly hear the message the sender is sending. Let's start here. How to become a great listener. First put away distractions and yes that includes your cell phone. Eeek how dare I ask you to put down the very device you cannot live without. Learn how to read body language, yes people talk with their body mannerisms. Ask open ended questions and reflect back what your sender is sharing. Be present, and I don't mean just sit there and pretend you are listening, I mean BE PRESENT. Show up and pay attention to the message that someone is sending. Have an open mind, yes, I said it an open mind. Don't apply your beliefs, your opinions or even the bad day you had. It is your job to try to understand what the person is saying to you, so open that mind up and take off your sunglasses.

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