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First Responders
-Fire - Paramedic/EMT -Police -Veterans-and Family

As a first responder you sacrifice more than just time away from your family. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed! It is difficult enough, to be there for your community and your family, leaving little time for you. You are sacrificing time with your loved ones to help others in need. This holds true for wives and family members.  As a daughter of a Veteran and a wife of a fire fighter I know firsthand what it is like to worry and lose sleep, attend Holidays and birthday parties alone. People would ask "where's your husband", my only reply was "he is at work" with a smile.  Many don't fully understand what it is like to tuck your child into bed not knowing if your spouse will return home.  Too often I would smile and say "I'm fine" when I was actually scared and crying inside.

I am here, and I understand the spoken words and unspoken silence. 

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The Fireman's Prayer

Policeman's Prayer


Veteran's Poem

You are a warrior

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