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Do you feel lost?

As I sit here and reflect on my day a thought popped in my mind. "Where am I heading and what is my destination". I started to think about my own personal journey and where I am in mine. As a young mom I was not sure who I was or where I was headed. I wasn't even sure what being a parent was all about. There I was alone and on a long road having no idea where it was leading. I stumbled and tripped multiple times, made mistakes, loved to much, loved to little and even tried to not love at all. Only to find myself feeling as if I was running out of breath but getting nowhere. So back to this journey I once thought I was lost on. As I think back, I can see all the exits I took, all the exits I didn't take and all the experiences I had and some I missed out on. I can choose to allow my struggles or mistakes to define me negatively or I can decide to utilize them as "opportunities for growth". Each exit or pothole I experienced has created who I am today and all the exits I have yet to experience will continue to help build who I will be tomorrow. Our journeys although different have 1 thing in common, ME, YOU, each individual. How you look at your journey will determine your destination. I decided to embrace my journey, my past, my future and build from my strengths and take opportunities to grow. I decided to enjoy my journey and stop and smell the roses. Cliche as it is, it's what I was missing. Constantly worried about being on the wrong path, doing this wrong, not being good enough and doubting who I was and my own accomplishments.

My journey my way, good or bad, right or wrong. You cannot seek serenity while worrying about your destination, because you will miss the best part, "yourlife"

Charity Thomas

Seeking Serenity Counseling LLC

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