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Who do you invest in?

I often get told "I am a people pleaser, or I do not know who I am anymore". I want you to ask yourself who do you invest in? Think of yourself as a bank, if you continue to spend money without adding to it, your bank account will be at zero or even in the negative. We have to make sure we have enough to spend, or things will spiral. So how do you that you ask, it is not as simple as depositing money right? I encourage my clients to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they were on a shelf for purchase would they purchase themselves and if not why? Identifying the areas of improvement is a strength that we do not often recognize as a strength. If you were told that the paycheck, you deposited into the bank was going to someone else, what you would say or do? Would you willingly give it away? Same goes for our emotional wellbeing and mental health. So, I ask you again who do WANT to invest in?

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